Make a Lambton Worm

Collect your single socks, get your glue gun at the ready and create your very own Lambton Worm hand puppet.

What you need

  • One single adult-sized sock
  • Some stuffing/wadding
  • 2 or 3 elastic bands
  • 2 polystyrene/ping pong balls
  • Small piece of white felt
  • Small piece of red felt
  • Green wool for slime
  • Paint for the eyes
  • Glue gun
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors


  1. Put the sock on your hand with the heel at your thumb. (This will be the mouth.)
  2. Remove the sock, remembering where the mouth will be!
  3. Stuff the ‘nose’ of your sock with a small amount of wadding.
  4. Twist the elastic bands around the nose of the sock to create a wormy snout.
  5. Take the white felt and cut out some sharp white triangular teeth in a row.
  6. Cut out a nice red tongue.
  7. With your hand in the sock, work out where you want the teeth to be, and where the tongue should go. Sew these into place.
  8. Take the polystyrene balls and paint on the eyes.
  9. When the eyeballs are dry, glue them into place.
  10. Unravel the wool and tie it in the middle, then cut the ends at uneven angles and arrange as the slime around the worm. The more wool you use, the slimier he will be!

Now create some of the other characters in the story in the same way. Make each one individual by raiding the craft box and adding some neat decoration.

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