Create your own local tale

With just a few geographical and historical investigations you could soon be creating your own myths, legends and folktales.

We live in an information age. This century, more than any other in human history, we have facts and figures at our fingertips. We can quickly find answers to even obscure questions thanks to the internet. But what must it have been like to live in an age where there were no books, let alone the internet to rely on? How did anybody know anything?

From early civilisation, people have been trying to make sense of the world around them. They must have had so many questions and so few answers. People just had to find their own ways of explaining things. We now know that thunder is the noise created by the expansion of rapidly heated air after a lightning strike. But was it so odd to imagine, in an age before science, that the gods of the sky were angry? Stories were created as a way of explaining the world, then passed on orally. Often, like a game of Chinese whispers, they would change over time.

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