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About Springboard Stories

What we do

Springboard Stories is a magazine that is packed with adaptable lesson ideas based around an original children’s picture book. The magazine comes with beautiful posters and online resources that help you make the most of whiteboard and tablet technology. Our focus is on storytelling, contextual learning, critical thinking and creativity.

What we think

We believe that an effective way to improve literacy and promote reading is to excite children about stories and show children where stories can take them.

Exploring stories laterally will encourage deeper critical thinking and help children to develop empathy and understanding and allowing children to bring their own experiences to existing stories by retelling their own versions develops language skills and gives them confidence in their own abilities. A skill that will stay with them for life.

Who we are

Paula Hubbard – Publishing Director

“We work as hard on the way our resources look as we do on the pedagogy contained in our lesson ideas and it seems that teachers agree. So, if you are trying to develop critical, creative thinkers you're going to love Springboard Stories.”

Sian Morgan – Advisor

“It’s hard to talk about Springboard Stories without using clichés that you hear about educational resources all the time. I think the topics and books stand up for themselves. If you haven’t explored them, you really should.”

Tracy Kewley – Editor

“Sorry, Sian, here come the clichés (but they’re true!)… what binds the Springboard Stories team together is a shared passion for producing beautiful resources of the very best quality. We want teachers and children to be inspired by everything we create, so we seek out the best new ideas, develop them, improve them, test them, tweak them and polish them. ‘It’ll do’ are words that you’ll never hear at from anyone at Springboard Stories. (If only we were left with a little more time for sleeping.)”

Simon Dainty – Creative Director

“It's great when we go into schools and see children so engrossed in using our resources.”

Debs Wood – Designer

“I love that sometimes the collaborative way we work spills over into the activities in the magazine. After all, the ability to work in teams is something that will stay with you for life.”

Where we are

We’re based in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. If you want to contact us, you can find us here:
Springboard Stories, 59 Highfield Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 6EE.

Contact us here.

Hear what educators are saying about what we do or read our story.

  • “A really wonderful resource for teachers who still believe that there is value in stories and in handling books. Thank you!”
    “A really wonderful resource for teachers who still believe that there is value in stories and in handling books. Thank you!” Hannah Fuller Bookhappy, Durham
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