Rosa’s code is perfect for celebrating differences as we take a first look at DNA in our Codes topic.


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As we explore Rosa’s code we see how children can develop skills to help them empathise with the characters they read and write about in stories.

Genetics can be a tricky topic to tackle with young children but educational science writer Rhys Baker explains how we can approach a subject that children are increasingly coming across in both news and fiction.

Who would ever have imagined that the very first computer programmer lived over 170 years ago? We take a look at Ada Lovelace, mathematician and a coding role model.

Unravelling secret messages and cracking codes involves maths, from simple addition and subtraction, to data handling and logical thinking. Antonia Peters puts us through our paces.

Teacher Chris Leach shows us some excellent activities that show there’s so much more to secret codes than spies wearing trench coats.

From Roman law to programming, a topic on Codes can be very far reaching, so start at the very beginning and see where your journey takes you.

Take your class back in time and imagine you are amongst the very first archaeologists to come across the key to an ancient world – the Rosetta Stone.

Teacher Ben Waldram shows us how to get on the road to cracking code with these challenging but achievable maths activities that are also an excellent way of assessing speaking and listening.

Shhh, tell no one! Let’s face it there’s nothing more intriguing than a secret. So get ready to be ‘M’, Head of your school’s Secret Intelligence Service, and start recruiting some literacy spies.

Primary teacher Sarah Williams explains how a topic on codes can be the perfect opportunity to explore observation techniques with children of all ages.

Help celebrate our differences with this assembly that looks at the joy of us all being individuals.

Magnify this famous sequence to a human-sized scale, making it easy to remember and fun to learn!

Investigating secret messages is a really entertaining and interesting investigation for children of all ages. A great way to start is to see if the children can create invisible ink.

Stephen Lockyer helps us develop deep understanding in Rosa’s Code.

Children’s book illustrator Becka Moor talks to us about finding her style and getting inside the characters she draws.


Luke Swann, author of Rosa’s code, talks to us about what inspired him to write his first children’s story.


Book reviewer Anne Faundez’s mission: To hunt out the very best books for our Codes topic. It looks like this mission has been accomplished!

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