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Time to pick a book and drift gently off into space – whether it’s fiction, fantasy or fact, we’ve got something for everyone in this selection from children’s book expert, Anne Faundez.

Story starter: Marcus Bole is left on the Moon but what happens next?

Everyone wants to be in Miss Wacky’s class – she is a-ma-ZING! She’s really good at surprises but no one could ever have guessed what her biggest and most amazing surprise of all was.


This retelling of Space Story comes from storyteller Therese Collins. Talk to the children about how stories can change with every retelling.

Recreate our Space Story adventure with this editable playscript.

Let the children demonstrate how well they’ve understood Space Story: Miss Wacky’s Day Out with these comprehension questions.

Use this sheet to develop children’s subject vocabulary and support writing activities.

Develop children’s understanding of the main characters in Space Story with these fun crew profile sheets. 

Write the character’s own thoughts and ideas inside the outline; write other people’s thoughts and ideas about the character on the outside.

A simple story structure sheet for Space Story.

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