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Ranjit has written a story about a kind tiger. Can the children help Ranjit improve his work?

Ranjit's Rainbow Tigers is a heart-warming story with some emotional themes. Chris McDonnell explains how you can talk about bereavement sensitively in class.

All children can relate to Ranjit's feelings towards Asha, his treasured toy tiger. Talk about children's own treasured toys and use this as a springboard into exploring toys today and in the past.

Use addition, subtraction, and problem-solving skills with this 'Make me a tiger' resource.

Can the children help him work out how much change Mrs Bannerjee needs to give to her customers?

Reading Ranjit’s Rainbow Tigers beautifully conjures up the sights and sounds of an Indian bazaar but what is it about the author’s writing that helps us to build the picture in our mind’s eye?

Learn all about the Indian art of zardosi embroidery and The Taj Mahal. 

Ranjit's Rainbow Tigers playscript can be used for one-off activities, as it stands for class productions or rewrite it and make it your own!

Asha was a knitted tiger an old, grubby and somewhat worn-out knitted tiger. But to Ranjit, the tiger was so much more than a tatty old toy. If only he could find someone to help him put his woollen friend back together again.

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