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Performance poet and educator Joshua Siegal shows us how to maximise space's poetry possibilities. 

Make the world of space accessible to children by creating a planet in your playground.

Become a history detective… get on the case and time travel back to the 17th century to discover what Isaac Newton did for us. You’ll be amazed!

At the end of your Space project, children will be keen to show off their new-found knowledge – and a class assembly is the perfect way to do this.

Creating great stories is a skill that we can all develop. We tapped into the imagination of Peter Dixon, author of Space Story, and tried to extract some of his top-secret techniques for writing.


Mike Elliott, teacher and ICT advisor in Wrexham, shows you how to put some of the best space-themed iPad apps to the test in class with a find-it-out challenge.

Can the children pit their wits against each other and be the first to rescue Marcus from the Moon in this fun game focusing on position and movement? By Antonia Peters.

Award-winning AST Sarah Williams says Space is one topic that really allows children’s imaginations to soar during science. Stepping into uncharted territory gives them...

Twitter not for you? Well, there’s nothing like real world experiences to bring a topic to life... and technology often has the answer. Let’s begin by exploring just how much Twitter can add to your Space topic.

Chris McDonald, headteacher and educational writer, uses music software to create a musical score for a scintillating space story.

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