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Read through the closing thought with the children and talk about the ideas in it.

Recreate our Space Story adventure with this editable playscript.

Let the children demonstrate how well they’ve understood Space Story: Miss Wacky’s Day Out with these comprehension questions.

Use this sheet to develop children’s subject vocabulary and support writing activities.

Develop children’s understanding of the main characters in Space Story with these fun crew profile sheets. 

Write the character’s own thoughts and ideas inside the outline; write other people’s thoughts and ideas about the character on the outside.

Teach personification in poetry with this charming poem from Joshua Seigal.

Talking about the size of the universe is a great time to improve children’s vocabulary relating to size.

The transcript of Episode 2 of Amadeus Jones' radio play to use alongside ‘The fall guy’ from the Space topic.

Create a map of your favourite constellation.

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