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A step-by-step guide to using The Christmas Wish .kmz file in Google Earth™.

Get a goose-eye view with ‘The Christmas Wish Google Earth™ tour file’.

Explore what life is like for street children around the world and look at how the beautiful game is giving new hope to children such as Carlos.

Because of the shortage of football fields, many children in South America play a version of football called futsal.

Find out why the River Thames is bendy and the River Glyme shaped like a dog.

Place names can reveal secrets about a place and help spark children’s imaginations too. Could these be a clue to a new ‘legend’?

Use this activity sheet to help children have a better understanding of our ocean's currents.

Match the national foods to their countries of origin.

Investigate the origins of the fruit that we buy.

Use these flags to make a map of different types of cuisine in your locality.

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