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Arm your class with magnifying glasses, notebooks, cameras and viewing jars and head out and about with these sheets to find out if your local trees are under attack.

Choose a tree, head out with pencils, crayons and a measuring tape and fill in the boxes to create a record of it.

Give your local trees a clean bill of health with these official-looking, class-issued 'Clean bill of health' certificates.

Create a map of your favourite constellation.

Use this table to work out how much snow has fallen at a given time.

A step-by-step guide to using Scratch.

Use this activity sheet to help children have a better understanding of our ocean's currents.

Let’s look at what sinks and what floats in this great (wet play) activity.

Investigate why the plucky ducks turned white with this investigation into what happens when you leave things in the sunshine.

Investigate Peter Adderley's paintings, which are an idealised, stylised version of reality.

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