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Springboard Stories topic resources
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Australia topic magazine and posters

Our topic on Australia is packed with the strange and the fascinating. We use our How the platypus got his shape book to launch us on our journey. Platypus thinks he's the very best creature in town and his constant need for attention is driving the other animals mad. Oh dear, is he heading for a fall? 

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Snow topic magazine and posters

Our Snow topic is packed with ideas to take you right through the winter months. What do you wish for at Christmas time? The Christmas Wish, written by children'€™s author Clare Bevan and illustrated by Simon and James Walmesley, is a modern fairytale featuring one small boy, a wish and a magical journey. 

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Food topic magazine and posters

Our Food topic is packed full of gorgeous ideas to feed your pupils' imaginations and starts with the children's story, Monkey King's Party.

Monkey King is funny, clever and brave. When traveller Lao Tzu tells him about the exquisite fruits that grow in the Heavenly Orchard, Monkey King decides he must try them. Join Monkey King on his adventure in this modern adaptation of a story from Wu Cheng'€™en'™s Journey to the West by Debjani Chatterjee. 

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Space topic magazine and posters

There's no better topic for creating awe and wonder than a topic on Space. We start with a story from author, poet, performer and educationalist Peter Dixon'. Space Story: Miss Wacky's Day Out tells the tale of a class trip to the Moon.

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Sports topic magazine and posters

Written by children's author Paul Mason, Sports Day on Mount Olympus tells the tale of plucky Alexia who just keeps doing her best despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Our Sport topic is the perfect accompaniment and is packed with ideas for making the most of your Sports Day.

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The Sea topic magazine and posters

Tao and the Kingdon of Pearls by Anne Faundez and it tells the tale of an evil black liquid that is stopping the sun from shining on Aliikai's Kingdom of Pearls. She has to find a way to rid the sea of it and she can’t do it alone. With the help of a local fisher boy, Aliikai goes in search of the one creature she knows will have the answer.

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Myths and legends topic magazine and posters

We explore myths and legends in new and exciting ways in this great topic. We start with an original story, The Terrible Tale of the Lambton Worm,“ a superb retelling of a medieval legend from the north-east of England by Heather Harrison.

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Woodland topic magazine and posters

There's such a lot to discover in our Woodlands topic, from the tiniest of minibeasts to the largest of trees.  A Thumping Great Rabbit by Brenda Williams tells the tale of Rabbit, woodland drummer extraordinaire –€“ it really is a shame that he'€™s bugging so many of his woodland friends. But when trouble strikes, a noisy, thumping pair of feet is just what you need....

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Codes topic magazine and posters

Our Codes topic touches just about every part of the curriculum and starts with Rosa'€™s code by Luke Swann tells the tale of Rosa Franklin, a geeky girl who goes to pretty reckless lengths to fit in –€“ it gives us lots of opportunities for some great science and PSHE, and introduces the concept of us all having our own personal code –€“ our DNA.

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  • “A really wonderful resource for teachers who still believe that there is value in stories and in handling books. Thank you!”
    “A really wonderful resource for teachers who still believe that there is value in stories and in handling books. Thank you!” Hannah Fuller Bookhappy, Durham
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