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A fruity feast

Knowledge and skills

  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Measurement

Can your class plan a party fit for a king? Put children’s number skills to the test with these food preparation and party-planning ideas from Antonia Peters.

There’s nothing that Monkey King likes better than a good party. Unfortunately, he missed the last one when he made himself ill by eating far too many peaches! Tell the children that Monkey King’s friends are planning a surprise party for him. They are sorry that he missed the last feast and want to thank him for being a kind, funny and generous king.

Can the children help the monkeys with their party planning? Tell them that they are going to prepare a delicious fruity dish and work out how much of everything they need to buy to feed a troop of monkeys. They need to avoid wasting food (and they don’t want lots of poorly, overfed monkeys on their hands) but partying makes monkeys hungry, so they’ll need to be sure that there’s enough to go around.

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