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A selection of books chosen to enhance your activities linked to our platypus story and tempt even the most reluctant readers to curl up with a book.

Author, Anne Faundez has worked with many famous names in children’s literature. She talks to us about her love of books and where it came from.


Perfect for class assemblies or drama productions our editable How the platypus got his shape playscript can be adapted for as few as six children or as many as 16 (with non-speaking parts for others).

Let the children demonstrate how well they’ve understood How the platypus got his shape with these comprehension questions.

Reward your storytellers with this How the platypus got his shapethemed certificate.

Use the How the platypus got his shape ebook on your whiteboard, iPad or tablet computer.

Reward your KS2 storytellers with this How the platypus got his shape themed certificate.

Our radio play is set on board Captain Cook’s ship the HM Bark Endeavour. Version 2 has more advanced vocabulary and is slightly longer than version 1.

Explorer Bartholomew Drake reads How the platypus got his shape a creation tale from children's author Anne Faundez.

These How the platypus got his shape prompts come with keywords from the story and are the perfect accompaniment to your storytelling lessons.

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