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Underwater art

Underwater art © Penelope Payne

Knowledge and skills

  • Living in the wider world
  • Sustainable living
  • Art and design techniques
  • Designing and making
  • Using a wide range of materials

Harness the creativity of the sea and create a display of marine-themed art in your classroom.

Our story, Tao and the Kingdom of Pearls, is a beautiful fantasy tale that has a serious environmental message – the devastating effect that oil has on life in and around the sea. The marine world, with its diversity of colours and textures and constant movement, is an incredibly rich source of inspiration for art projects. The activities in this article use that stimulus to create decorative artwork, while reminding children of the science that is touched on in the story. They are simple ideas that can easily be adapted for children of different ages and abilities by varying the materials used and the amount of support provided.

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