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Assembly time – Codes

Knowledge and skills

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Listening

Help celebrate our differences with this assembly that looks at the joy of us all being individuals.

Read Rosa’s code and talk about some of the issues that arise from the story. Explain that every living thing is made up of a special protein called DNA and that 99.9% of human DNA is the same. So everyone is much more alike than they are different.

At the beginning of our story Rosa explains that every boy and girl is made up of this special code. Our DNA tells us what colour eyes and hair we have, whether we have knobbly knees, whether we will be tall or short, even what kind of fingerprint we have, and so much more.

That very important 0.01% of genetic code is all about you and it’s the thing that makes you different from everybody else and the recipe for that code is made up from your family’s DNA going back as far as you can think.

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